Friday, 16 March 2018

Week 2

The Connected Generation

Teaching today is dramatically different we have so much access to infinite amounts of information thanks to the Internet. That getting information is no longer the issue rather getting the right information.

Geography no longer forms a barrier to network and communication due to digital tools such as blogs, forums, web conferencing and messaging services such as SMS, Facebook and, Skype. Students communicate faster and use emojis or often there is an expectation of instant gratification or response - bye bye snail mail.

The biggest advantage tech provides a teacher is the ability to provide students with continual communication. Great communication resolves many issues that perturb a class environment such as confusion, frustration and, boredom.

First of all, let's explore exactly who we are teaching? Gen Z! and soon Alpha. Actually, Gen Z is probably the most exciting generation we have ever had! They are informed, connected, caring, social and entrepreneurial. Seriously wow! As a business/science/tech teacher; this generation is sure to teach me. I can't wait to learn with them! (Even if they do get a little distracted!)

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Digital Teaching Tools:

The following teaching tools will assist in not only implementing ICT but transforming the class experience through the use of ITC.

Blooms Taxonomy:

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