Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Week 1

Welcome to my blogsite!

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Today I explore unchartered territory with my first blog ever. The ever so encouraging words from my teenage son "OMG Mum you blog??!" - and yeah I blog! (Seriously how hard could this be? - Nose bleeding)

Although I consider myself tech savvy even the savviest of techs can never let down their guard as there is always something new around the corner and something different to explore! Most importantly this is a personal journey into how I can apply these technological skills into a classroom setting to not only enhance a class but transform the learning experience as something which is more tangiable, relatable and innovative.

Here I hope that you discover the magic of science, technology and, education. We live in an exciting time right now in the fact that the world is evolving rapidly and more than ever we as a species have to be adaptable. This includes having the ability to create, innovate, and implement new ideas. As a teacher my ultimate goal is to equip skills that are relatable and transferable to negotiate this world in which we don't really know what tommorow brings?

I hope through exploring this blogsite just a bit of science, technology and entrepreneurship may brush off and leave you hungry for more!
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  1. Colourful and rich site, looks great Heidi. I like your robot GIF, it inspired me to learn how to insert one today. I agree that the students will also help me learn a lot about new technology.